Session Guidelines

To ensure a meaningful therapeutic journey, creating a secure environment that fosters self-expression and inner growth is crucial. These guidelines are designed to establish a safe therapeutic atmosphere and offer insight into my approach to therapy and personal growth.


To schedule or change appointments, please contact me via email or my professional mobile number provided. I will respond to your call or email within 24 hours, except on weekends, holidays, and during vacations.
First Session: The initial session, typically lasting 50 minutes, involves a comprehensive discussion of your needs and sharing your current life context. I will also address any questions you may have about my therapeutic approach.
Ongoing Sessions: Upon mutual agreement to continue therapy, we will schedule 50-minute sessions at times that suit both of us. In certain cases, particularly in relationship work, 100-minute sessions may be scheduled.
Frequency: The frequency of therapy sessions varies based on the nature of the issues and individual requirements. It is uncommon for therapy to span fewer than ten sessions, as many clients view it as an ongoing journey of self-discovery.
Home Assignments: As part of the therapeutic process, I encourage self-work between sessions. The nature of these assignments varies for each client and aids in internalizing the insights gained during sessions. Over time, this self-work empowers individuals and strengthens their connection with their inner selves.
Connecting Outside of Sessions: I discourage connecting outside of scheduled sessions, except for scheduling-related matters. Any clarifications or questions about your sessions can be addressed during our next appointment. Personal email or phone chats are not appropriate for therapeutic communication.


The primary focus of therapy is on you and the challenges you face. While I may share examples from others' lives or my own experiences to enhance understanding, please refrain from using this as a method of learning and avoid asking intrusive questions about my personal life.


I encourage punctuality, as your commitment to timely sessions supports your therapeutic growth. If you arrive late for an appointment the session will conclude at the scheduled time. If I arrive late, I will add on that time. Exceptions may be made if my calendar allows for an extension, but full session fees + extra time fee will apply.


In case you are unable to reach me and require immediate assistance, please contact your family physician or visit the nearest emergency room. I am not an emergency care provider, and your health and safety should always be the top priority in such situations.


Non-Substitution of Physician: It's important to note that my work supports the healing process through psychological exploration and is not a substitute for medical treatment. If necessary, I encourage seeking medical consultation and request that you share your prognosis and treatment plan with me.
Self-Harm and Suicidal Tendencies If you experience or have thoughts of self-harm or suicide, please inform me immediately or as soon as possible for appropriate support.


I adhere to strict confidentiality guidelines outlined in the agreement signed before our therapy sessions. While you are free to share your therapy experience with others, please be mindful of respecting my privacy, especially when sharing information that is not in the public domain, whether on print, radio, television, social media, or online forums.

Social Exchange and Gifts

To maintain the integrity of our therapist-client relationship, I do not accept social invitations, nor do I invite clients to engage in social activities or interactions beyond our therapy sessions. Although customary social greetings are welcome, we typically refrain from exchanging gifts.


Therapy can be discontinued by either party as follows:
Client: You have the right to end therapy at any time. It is preferable to discuss discontinuation during a session to determine an appropriate ending date and ensure a proper conclusion of our therapeutic relationship. Ending therapy is a thoughtful process that benefits from therapeutic guidance.
Therapist: If I believe you may benefit from another therapist or if the issue falls outside my current expertise, I will assist you in finding a suitable referral.


Honest disclosure is a crucial aspect of therapy that promotes personal health and safety. During our initial session, I request that you disclose:
  • Your legal adult status in your country of residence.
  • Any history of self-harm, suicidal thoughts or actions.
  • Any prior incarceration for a felony or conviction for an offense, including the nature of the offense.
  • Any involvement in ongoing criminal proceedings or legal injunctions.
  • Any psychiatric evaluations and their findings.
  • Any parallel or recent psychiatric, psychological, psychotherapeutic, or psychoanalytic work, including retreats or rehabilitation.
  • Any medical emergencies within the past two years.
  • Diagnosed medical conditions and current medications, prescribed or self-administered, for physical or psychiatric conditions.
  • Two emergency contacts (names, numbers, email IDs, and relationship).
These guidelines provide insight into my therapeutic approach, and I appreciate your commitment to this journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

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